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Safety Tips Pulling Over On A Busy Highway

For many Americans, driving is an essential daily activity that requires extensive driving on a major highway or Interstate.  While these thoroughfare have made traveling much easier, they do come with their own set of safety concerns – especially when breakdowns occur.

While preventative maintenance can help reduce the chances of an unexpected failure, sometimes it’s unavoidable to get a car problem while on the road regardless of how well you maintain your car – and sometimes this can happen on a busy highway.

Additionally automobiles all have components that eventually breakdown with usage, and chances are that every driver is bound to experience a flat tire, faulty engine, dead battery, minor accident or an empty gas tank on a busy road.

Here are safety tips from a towing service to follow to help keep you and your family safe…

Park Where It’s Safe

First and foremost – park to the side of the road immediately you sense a problem. Park it far enough away from traffic on the shoulder in a visible area away from oncoming and moving traffic to enable fellow drivers avoid a crash.  This will protect you from oncoming traffic, but also will make it easier for the tow truck driver to tow your car.  Make sure to exit on the side of the car away from traffic – even if that means crawling over to the adjacent seat to access the door.

If the vehicle cannot move, push it to the shoulder of the road to avoid causing further injury or damage. Turn the wheel and engage the emergency brake to prevent rolling.

Hazard Signs

Put on your hazard signs to signal other drivers on the road your car is disabled. Whether daytime or nighttime, always switch on the hazard signs. You can also place reflective triangles, cones and flares 10 feet on either side of the road to make it more visible and easier for other motorists to spot your car.

Stay Where It’s Safe

If you feel like staying in the vehicle is best, do that. If you are on a busy highway, remain in the car with the seat belt strapped on. In the case of an accident or you see smoke coming out, exit the vehicle carefully and go to the side of the road as you wait for the tow service to arrive.

ID Your Towing Company

Ensure the towing service has given you the driver’s name, phone number, license plate number to help you verify the identity of the driver. Be cautious not fall victim to criminals masquerading as tow truck drivers.

These sort of situations are quite stressful, especially if you have your children onboard or want to catch an appointment.

Call a towing service to come fix the problem for you whenever you get stranded. You should always remember that your safety and those of others must always take precedence over other concerns.

Knowing what to do to keep yourself and the car safe after the breakdown is just as important.

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