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Simple Ways Car Drivers Can Prevent Accidents

Cars give us a convenience to get to our destination. However, there are unfortunate times when car accidents happen. Car accidents can be caused by a variety of things. Do you know which factor is on top of that list?

Human error is on top of that list. In 2016, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration conducted a study about this. They found out that about 95% of car accidents are caused by human error.

Car manufacturers are adding technologies to vehicles to help prevent accidents. However, human drivers still control the vehicles and are responsible for them. In order to avoid car accidents, here are simple ways that drivers can do.

Slow Down

Speed limits are there to help prevent car accidents due to overspeeding. However, there are still a lot of drivers who do not follow the speed limit. Some people think that it is ok to break the speed limit just because nothing wrong ever happened to them when they did. That kind of thinking will eventually lead to one.

Driving within the speed limits helps give you enough time to think and react in case an unpredictable situation arises. The faster you go, the less time you have to think and react.

Avoid Reckless Driving

The traffic lights just turned yellow, what do you do? Do you slow down to a stop or speed up and try to beat the red light? The correct thing to do is to slow down and stop. It is reckless to speed through that yellow light, make sharp turns, or tailgate. It puts you at more risk of meeting an accident.

Practice defensive driving because there are many reckless drivers out there. If you can’t stop them, at least you can avoid them or react when something goes wrong with their car so you don’t get affected by the accident too.

Focus On Driving

When driving, it should be your main and only focus. Don’t try to do other things while you drive. Simple things like eating, checking your phone, changing the radio station or applying makeup will all cut down your focus on driving. Just don’t do it. You may feel like you’re a multi-tasker but you are also increasing your risk for car accidents.

Never Drive Under The Influence

Whether you drank alcohol, took medicine that could make you drowsy, or did some illegal drugs, you should never drive afterward. If you are drunk, it is best to let a cab drive you home. That also applies if you drank any medication. Illegal drugs simply shouldn’t be used at all.

Make Sure You’re Well Rested

Driving while you are tired is another cause of car accidents. If you are tired, sleepy, or fatigued, you should avoid driving. Taking a nap to re-energize your body is best to do especially if you are on long drives. Falling asleep behind the wheel is very dangerous and can be fatal.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Seatbelts aren’t just decorations for cars. They are proven to save lives in case a car crash happens. Although wearing seatbelts should already be automatically practiced, there are still some who insist on not doing it. Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.

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