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The Importance of Tie-Down Straps

When towing a vehicle on a flatbed tow truck, you don’t just drive the car up the flatbed and leave it there. You must secure it in place to prevent it from falling off while transporting. Although you could just use any rope and try to tie the car to the flatbed, that wouldn’t be ideal. It doesn’t look great, it doesn’t secure the car properly and it can cause damage to your vehicle.

A better alternative to use is car tie-down straps. These are specifically made to secure not only cars but other huge loads on flatbeds. And did you know that car tie-down straps come in different types? These different types are all capable of securing the car on the flatbed in different ways. Know more about what they are and what they are used for below but first, let’s talk more about what car tie-down straps are.

What Are Car Tie Down Straps?

To secure a vehicle on a flatbed, you could use either car tie-down chains or car tie-down straps. Chains are made from steel and are considered to be stronger because they are rigid. They do not stretch nor rip. However, there is also a disadvantage to its rigidity. It can cause damage to the frame of the vehicle when used. The hooks of the chains would also be directly attached to the frame, which could pull away parts.

On the other hand, car tie-down straps are made of polyester webbing. They are softer and would not cause damage to the vehicle. They can even be used over the wheels without damaging them. However, the only downside is that they stretch.

Types Of Car Tie Down Straps

Axle Straps

When securing the car on the flatbed through its axle, the axle straps will be used. These prevent the car from moving while on the trailer to prevent damage to it. In order to make sure that the axle straps do not get cut by the sharp edges, Cordura sleeves can be used to protect them. This kind of protection greatly increases the lifespan of the axle strap. It doesn’t only protect against tears but also against frictions.

Snap hooks are connected to the axle straps so that they can be used. They are then tightened with ratchets to ensure a more secure fit. Ratchets can help better tighten the straps as compared to what pure hand strength can do.

Lasso Straps

This is a very popular type of car tie-down strap. It may also be called a wheel lift strap and is used on the wheels. They are usually around 2 inches in thickness.

To use this, the strap is wrapped around the back of the tire towards the center front. It is looped with the use of a durable ring. It looks like a V with the point being the ring. The webbing is then pulled down and attached to the flatbed.

The lasso straps are mostly used because they are easy to use. It takes only a few minutes to secure a vehicle using this type of straps.

Side Mount Wheel Nets

This type of car tie-down strap is similar to lasso straps as they are also attached to the wheel. However, instead of going to the back, these go around the outside of the tire. Using this is a great way to create an extremely secure four-point foothold for the vehicle. These come with ratchets for tightening.

Additionally, they are also adjustable so they fit any size of the wheels that need to be transported.

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