Flatbed Tow Truck Ready For Service
Flatbed Tow Truck Ready For Service

Flatbed Towing Service – Delivery Your Vehicle Safely and Affordably

Towing a car behind a truck is easy. There’s guys out there that make a great living at it. The hard part is delivering a best-in-class service experience while keeping the vehicle damage free and protected.

Here at Clockwork Towing, we prefer using Flatbed Tow Trucks to transport your vehicle from point A to point B. Why do we recommend a flat bed tow?

For the simple reason that it prevents additional damage by keeping your car or truck’s tires from contacting the ground. Do we offer other options? Sure we do, but nothing will protect your vehicle better that a rugged flat-bed tow truck with a tilt bed to easily load and un-load your car, truck, or Motocycle.

Located in or around Kansas City MO and interested in a flatbed tow?  Call Clockwork Towing Company today at (816) 207-4900

  • Ready each and every 24 Hour mark on the clock
  • Top flatbed service available close by
  • Experienced, local professionals ready nearby where you’re at in KC
  • Affordable flat rate cost within Kansas City limits
  • Affordable rate available day or night
  • Need the best “near-me” towing service? Call Clockwork Today!

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