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Bringing Your Car Battery Back To Life

Drained car batteries can happen to anyone. Whether you’ve forgotten to switch your lights off or you aren’t just talking long enough drives to keep your battery charged, it can happen. When that happens, what do you do? How can you bring your dead battery back to life? Is it possible?

Jumpstarting Your Car Battery

When your car battery is drained, it isn’t actually dead. There is still hope when you give it enough charge, you also bring it back to life. That process is called jumpstarting. We do not suggest anyone who doesn’t know how to do this. It may seem easy to do but it could be dangerous too. There are many reasons why you should just leave it in the hands of a professional.

What Do You Need?

However, if you really wish to be able to jumpstart your car in case you need it, the first thing you have to do is to equip yourself with information. You need to know the details before attempting to do so. The first thing that you need to know is the requirements for jumpstarting your vehicle.

There are two things required in order to successfully jumpstart your dead car battery. First are quality jumper cables and the next is a power source. To ensure safety, don’t buy low-quality jumper cables. Although there are cheap ones available, it is best to get a decent one. It will last longer and would be much safer to use.

Jumper cables are thick, insulated, and come in a variety of lengths. At the end of the cables are alligator clips. They also come in two different colors, usually red and black. These colors will help you mark the negative and positive polarity. The black one is negative and the red one is positive.

The electrical source could either be another car or a jump box. Jump boxes usually have their own cables so you won’t need your jumper cables anymore. They are connected directly to the battery.

Get To Know Your Car Battery

Aside from knowing what you need to jumpstart your vehicle, you also need to be familiar with your car battery. With car batteries, you’d find two terminals. One of the nubs is the positive terminal and the other is the negative terminal.

Knowing which is which shouldn’t be left to guesswork. They should be clearly labeled as connecting to the wrong ones will cause failure in jumpstarting the vehicle. Look for the “+” or “-” sign. Sometimes they can also be written in words such as “POS” for positive and “NEG” for negative.

Before Jumpstarting Your Car

Before you attempt to jumpstart your car, you must make sure that you read the manual. Some cars are not recommended for jumpstarting. Also, check the battery for corrosion, leaks, or cracks. Frozen batteries as well as dried ones shouldn’t be jumpstarted. Also, make sure that the batteries are compatible with each other.

Jumpstarting A Car

When jumpstarting a car with another vehicle, both ignitions must be off. It should be placed on either neutral or park mode. The parking breaks should also be activated.

The first thing you attach is the red clip to the positive nub on the dead car battery, then attach the other end to the positive nub of the power source.  Next, connect the black clip to the negative nub of your dead battery, the other end should be connected to any unpainted metal part of the car with the dead battery. Take note that it should not be next to the battery.

The car with the working battery is started to supply the dead car battery while it is idle. To check whether it is receiving charge, the light in the interior can be switched on. Then the car with the dead battery can be started.

The order of unclipping is also important to avoid getting shocked or damaging the cars. It is done in reverse order so the first to be unclipped is the black one that’s attached to the unpainted metal. The next is the black clip from the donor car’s terminal. The red clip from the donor car follows and lastly the red clip from the dead car’s battery is removed.

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