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10 Interesting Facts About Kansas City

We love KC, but for those new to the area or unfamilar we wanted to let them know that Kansas City isn’t just about world-class BBQ and sports, it also has an incredible history and culture too!

In our latest bite-sized post at our KC Towing website we take a look at some of the most interesting facts about the storied so-called “Fountain City” in America’s heartland…

  1. The first settlement in Kansas City was actually Missouri Town, which was founded by James Piggot in 1831.
  2. In 1842, the town became part of Jackson County when it split from Platte County.
  3. The city is named after three American explorers: Lewis, Clark and Henry Leavenworth!
  4. In 1850, there were only 800 people living in what would eventually become “Kansas” City–and four years later it had grown to over 12000 residents.
  5. The Kansas City metropolitan area is now the 31st largest in the country, with over 2 million people living there.
  6. Kansas City played an important role in the westward expansion of America. It was a stop on the Oregon Trail for pioneers heading West, and eventually became one of America’s largest cities.
  7. One of the most famous residents of Kansas City was Walter Cronkite, who is the only journalist in history to have been honored with a Congressional Gold Medal.
  8. Another famous resident–and native Missourian! –was Mark Twain. He originally worked for The Missouri Courier and later served as its editor.
  9. You may know illustrator and author Susan Jeffers from her best-selling children’s books like “The Lion and the Mouse” and “Stone Soup.” But did you know that she was born in Kansas City, Missouri?
  10. Finally, some interesting trivia about Kansas City: it has more fountains (over 200!) than any other city in the world (except Rome)

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