Coastal Highway For The Long Distance Towing Service
Coastal Highway For The Long Distance Towing Service

Long Distance Towing – Getting Your Vehicle Safely Transported Is Our Top Priority

Looking to move and need a reliable towing service to transport your vehicles long distance?

Perhaps your moving locations for a job, or maybe you’ve got a sports car and don’t want to put the value-killing miles on it to get it to the car show.

Clockwork Towing Company Kansas City MO has the equipment and experience to safely transport your vehicle with our long distance towing service, and for a price that surprisingly reasonable.

Visit us online at or call us directly at (757) 938-3378 and one of our knowledgeable towing service professionals will walk you through the process and provide a quick quote.

Here’s some reasons why you should call Clockwork Towing today…

  • Licensed and Bonded in Kansas and Missouir for Tow Truck Services
  • Top reviewed in Google for KC
  • Flatbed towing available for the safest trip long distance
  • Located in central Kansas City to be close by our customers
  • 24 / 7 Towing available at an affordable price
  • Have another emergency need? We do that too

Want to know how we prep your vehicle for the long haul?  Read our post here…