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Safety Tips For Towing ATV

Riding an ATV is an exciting experience. There are many places where you can ride your ATV. However, you don’t necessarily use the ATV from your home to the area. A way for you to bring your ATV is to tow it or have it towed by a professional.

If you are towing your ATV on your own, one of the main things that should be done is to properly secure it on the trailer. This will not only improve your safety but it will also help prevent you from getting fines. Additionally, a properly secured ATV also helps prevent it from getting damaged while being towed.

How To Tow An ATV Safely

Aside from properly securing your ATV, there are also other things you can do to ensure safety while towing an ATV. Here are a few of our safety tips:

  • Drive Slowly – Whether it is your first time to drive while towing an ATV or you’ve done it a hundred times before, driving slowly is one of the best things to do to ensure safety while on the road. Remember that you are not only driving a vehicle, you are also pulling a trailer that holds your ATV. Even if you are using a flatbed tow truck, you still need to drive slowly. However,  bumps, potholes, and speed aren’t a great combination. There is a risk of the trailer connections loosening or the ATV getting damaged with this scenario.
  • Regularly Check Your Towing Equipment – When towing the ATV for a great distance, it is best to always check your towing equipment. You can stop every hour to check that the trailer and ATV are still secured.
  • Use The Right Equipment – Trailers for ATV can come in different hitch sizes so you need to make sure that you are using the right one. Your vehicle and your towing equipment must be capable of handling the trailer plus the ATV. Also, don’t forget to check if the trailer brake and signal lights are working properly. Make sure they are synchronized with the tow vehicle.
  • Keep Distance From Other Cars – Make sure you increase your following distance behind other cars. This helps make sure you have enough space so you can stop safely. Remember that it takes a longer time to completely stop when you are pulling a trailer with the ATV.
  • Avoid Sudden Turns – Suddenly turning at high speeds will cause your trailer to swerve and sway. That will make it difficult to control.

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