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Tips While Loading Your ATV Onto A Trailer

Are you craving some adventure? A simple fix could include riding your ATV. However, you do know that you just can’t ride your ATV anywhere. That would be breaking the law! However, there are many places you can go to use your ATV but you first need to tow it or have it towed there.

One of the most essential steps in towing your ATV is loading it onto a trailer. It may seem easy enough however, there have many horrible incidents due to improper loading. Remember that an ATV is still a heavy vehicle even if it looks smaller than a regular sedan. By properly loading and securing the ATV on the trailer you also help ensure the safety of your towing trip.

Whether you have already towed an ATV or are going to for the first time, it is best to read and understand our top 3 tips on loading your ATV onto a trailer. Also, don’t forget to read our safety tips while actually towing your ATV.

Tip 1: Helmets On

We know you are not going to ride your ATV for a long time and you’re just going to load it on the trailer. Nevertheless, protecting yourself is the most proactive thing to do. It could save you in case you end up messing something up.

Tip 2: Align And Secure Your Ramps

One of the costly mistakes in loading an ATV is due to the improper use of the ramps. The first is to properly select the ramps to use. Make sure that it is fully capable of supporting the weight of your ATV plus you, who’s going to ride it. There are different types of ramps that you can use. You can select from bi-folds, tri-folds, dual runners, single ramp, or heavy-duty ramps, which are ideal.

The ramps should be balanced and centered so that it doesn’t tip over while in use. You should also make sure that the ramps match with the ATV tires. If not, that is a recipe for disaster. To easily align your ramp, you could position the ATV on the ground near your trailer but leave a space for the ramp. Then align the wheels of your ATV with the ramp.

Usually, they have tabs to keep them in place. Make sure that they are secure and tightened down. Properly secured ramps will prevent your ATV from falling and potentially harming you. Once secured and properly position, you can now drive the ATV to the trailer.

Tip 3: Use Slow Speeds

It can seem fun to drive up the ramp at a fast speed but remember that you are loading the ATV on a trailer and not doing stunts. Plus, using fast speeds may cause you to drive through the trailer and into the ground again.

Use slow speeds when climbing the ramp for better control. The faster speed will also place more force onto the ramp and damage it. So don’t rush, take your time and drive your ATV carefully.

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